Turnaround Times

How Long?
This has got to be the single most question asked. First please understand Extreme Jackets will do everything in our power to get you your jacket in the shortest possible time. Some jackets we have on our website are in stock at our Citrus Heights California store. These provide the shortest turnaround time. However enjoying a custom jacket usually requires building your jacket from scratch. Every wool panel and leather sleeve needs to be custom cut, sewn, and decorated to your exacting specifications. This unfortunately requires increased lead time. Lastly this lead time also varies from time to time depending on the time of the year you place your order. 

Peak / Off-Peak Season.
Jackets ordered October to February may take longer to get than jackets ordered in June. We work hard to produce fine quality letterman jackets in a timely fashion. Please plan accordingly.

Speeding up the process.
There are some things you can do to ensure your jacket gets completed in the shortest amount of time possible.

  1.      The number one thing you can do to have your jacket ready in your hand the moment you need it is to get things going before school begins. April, May, June, July, August are the best times to order your jacket. Why? Because it is HOT! You don't need a wool jacket when it is hot. School is out, and it is hot. 
  2.      When you order early we can do so without any decorating at all. Having your jacket in our hand ensures the fastest turn around. Getting your blank jacket assembled takes the most production time. We don't immediately need to figure out what decoration will go on you jacket  That can easily and quickly come later. Some of you may simply be ordering a blank jackets only anyway.
  3.      Don't wait until Christmas season to order a jacket for Christmas. We do offer rush services (for a fee) but why pay our employee's overtime. Ordering earlier in the season will save everyone time and money. Do not assume a jacket in your size and color combination is hanging in our store waiting for you to arrive in December.
  4.      Don't make changes to your order. We will do everything possible to accommodate changes to your order, however changes can cost time or in rare instances more money.
         Evidenced by our hundreds of photos taken from thousands of customers, you can rest assured our advice is coming from decades of combined experience. Use our experience to help you figure things out. We are here to help you. Call or email even the slightest question.
  5.     Get us your supplied items to us promptly. Sometimes you will have a patch or ribbon you would like incorporated in your jacket. Our in house system tracks your order and its many pieces. Each day we receive patches and award letters from customers via USPS. These items are immediately combined with each(s) corresponding order. To date we have never lost a customers supplied patch.