Shipping Policy

Website Shipping Policy

1. In Stock Product

  1. Product that is in stock is shipped from our Citrus Heights, California location on the next business day after the order has been received.

2. Custom Product Shipping

  1. Most every item we sell is custom and delivery times will vary. Please understand that once your product is complete and shipping paid in full we will ship immediately. Please include an accurate daytime phone number to expedite any production or shipping questions we might have. Some common questions that we have had in the past have been:
    1. UPS tells us your address does not exist.
    2. Jacket in holding while we wait for customer supplied patches or flags.
  2. At times we find ourselves waiting for the pathes to arrive from you. If this happens we will contact you when discovered on our end. This is another reason we need accurate telephone and email addresses. To avoid any delay, please supply us your items to be sewn on in a swift and prompt manor. 

3. Shipping outside the USA

  1. We do not ship for foreign country's. 

4. Shipping Fees

  1. Extreme Jackets offers $9.95 shipping on all jackets we will. Free shipping is only available at certain times as part of a combined jacket and embroidery package. $9.95 shipping is always only with the 48 contiguous United States. Hawaii and Alaska customers will have increased shipping fees and increased shipping duration. Fees are based on weight and will need to be calculated prior to shipment. Feel free to call with any of your shipping questions. 

5. Delivery Schedule

  1. USPS 2-3 business days
    1. (Mon. - Fri.) within California, Other states within U.S. is usually between 2-4 business days.
  2.  UPS Ground
    1. 2-7 business days, dependent on geographic location
  3. UPS 3-Day Delivery
    1. 4 business days
  4. UPS 2-Day Delivery
    1. 3 business days
  5. UPS Overnight
    1. 2 business days 

6. In Store Pickup

  1. You are always able to walk-in during normal business hours to pick up your completed jacket to save shipping costs. No appointment nessessary.